our Favourite Guests

Your (and our!) pet friends

Here, at Occitan Charme, pets are our favourite quests, also because the real landladies of our house are Luna and Baky, two, small, white French poodles, (they consider themselves as two Dobermans). They guard and warn of possible guests’ arrival. Their barking is persistent, but please, don’t be worried, as they only want to become acquainted with you. Then they’re usually confined in a private area.

Every room is provided with a pet area: there are comfortable cushions, blankets and pet dishes for both water and food. On the balconies and terraces there are special wooden gates to confine your pets when necessary, furthermore, there is a wide fenced meadow where your pets can play in complete safety.

Of course, our guests and respective pets can enjoy long walks out in the woods and if there are problems, first aid and vets are at a few minutes far away by car.