Fruit of an emotion

About Us

It was an afternoon in May and, by chance, I was in the Grana Valley, I hadn’t been there before. It was a surprise! I was sitting on the meadow while gazing at the beautiful mountains, a blue sky. I was enjoying the warm sun of that spring day, listening to the swish of a brook. I was there with Lizzy, my dog, who was busy sniffing that pleasing, brisk light breeze.

I realised that the valley was still uncontaminated, so I got back to my car and drove for a few kilometers. I found a small village, Frise, almost uninhabited, facing south and surrounded by magnificent mountains, brooks and drinking fountains. I stood there filled with wonder for a long time, amazed at the marvellous view. Everything was magical, its abandoned houses for years and years, its wild meadows, some small potato gardens and a great stretch of woods and pasture opened before me, all of it in such a great quietness which regenerated my soul.

Quietness and tranquillity, that was what I was looking for, but I hadn’t realised it yet. In the early evening, I decided to leave this idyllic spot, and it took me a lot of time to convince Lizzy to get in the car. She didn’t want to leave that place. Without being aware of it, I had fallen in love with that small village.

My dream could come true. An idyllic and peaceful spot for me, my dogs and others where I could make my own place with all possible comforts while showing proper respect for the area and its history.

Nothing but a few refurbished rooms with a touch of love and antique furniture, wooden walls, wooden or stone floors, stone or marble fireplaces or stoves, toilet and shower box. All natural, all to be given a feel, stone wasbasins, antique lamps, ceramic light switches, visible power lines, and hidden wood fibre insulation, floor heating system, photovoltaic and thermal solar power.

And for all our guests a warm SPA which comprises hydromassage and sauna, breakfast room with a marble fireplace and a lot of dainties, a comfortable parking area, a garden to enjoy the sun and the panorama. The entire place is sourrounded by a wooden fence to let our pet friends free. 

Here at Occitan Charme, the mountain chalets – whose details have been paid with great attention, passion and love - are very old houses, which have been restored in compliance with the typical materials of the area and refurbished with authentic, antique pieces of furniture. Every object tells a story, every room opens our guests to a magical place where time has stopped.