You will not get bored!

Timeless culture, attractions and hospitality

  • The Shrine to Saint Magnus is dedicated to the protection of animals and nature. It is 1,761 metres above sea level and accessible via a carriageable road. The sanctuary was founded in the 15th century. On the site there was a Roman settlement and an altar dedicated to the god Mars.
  • The local open-air markets: cities and villages in the area have their weekly market with a world to discover: curiosity and wholesome food are the main draw.
  • The Occitan music: in the village festivals there are always musicians who play and dance Occitan music. Its traditional musical instruments and melodies bring back to the Crusades and ‘La Chanson de Roland’.
  • The Spinning Mill in Caraglio is the oldest silk factory in Europe. Nowadays, it is a silk museum with a stunning display of silk items and a fascinating programme of cultural, artistic and musical events
  • The nearby village, San Pietro, is characterised by the traditional ‘babaciu’. Effigies of women, men, children and animals, all made of wood, straw and dressed with traditional clothes, They represent a typical daily life of an 19th century village. The family effigies are permanently exhibited and their costumes change according to the season, the festivities and the representing social classes
  • Moreover, Cuneo, the city, is 20 minutes far away by car, so enjoy its arcades and shops and, what’s more, at a few kilometres far away from it, visit Caraglio, Dronero, Busca, Saluzzo, towns rich in history and great theatre season.