Enrich your stay by discovering traditional zero km food!

The restaurant: only for our guests!

OCCITAN CHARME, our restaurant is only open to guests staying with us.

The Grana Valley is the place where the famous Castelmagno DOP cheese is produced. It’s one of the main ingredients for traditional delicacies, which are all fruit of first rate farming produce up here in the mountains.

Guests at Occitan Charme will be delighted by romantic and refined places; they will be served food in warm dining rooms with great stone fireplaces. Mara is the chef. She favours the vegetables she grows in her allotment and prepares food according to local traditions.

It’s not easy to enlist the different menus Mara usually prepares for the guests. A variety of recipes encompasses her Italian cooking style, which has distinctive attributes of its own. She pays attention to traditional meals that date from ancient times. Herbs and spices penetrate her way of cooking while always meeting our guest’s needs that is they come to Frise to experience healthy moments of relaxation.

A few examples:

  • Traditional vegetable starters
  • Various kinds of cold meat of local production
  • Polenta, a dish made from local maize flour cooked in salted water to accompany various foods or with various dressings.
  • Ravioli pasta with Castelmagno cheese.
  • Traditional, slow cooking soups on “putagé”.
  • Lots of recipes made with mountain potatoes.
  • Different sauces based on alpine, aromatic herbs as well as provençal sauces including “aioli” souce.
  • Local meat and game
  • Traditional cakes, the famous creamy sugary puddings, tiramisu dessert all flavoured with alpine herbs and flowers and made by Mara.